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Pharmaceutical fabrication consulting services


training of pharmaceutical-industry professionals

Customized support services for your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics projects

In partnering with S.O.S. Pharma-Solution, you have the assurance in knowing that we will provide you with exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. In addition to applying a precise and diligent approach, projects are executed with speed, flexibility and rigor.

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution offers professional consulting services on a contractual basis in addition to R&D services for the fabrication of solid dosage forms.

R&D consulting

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution can assist you with the development of your products thanks to our in-depth understanding of excipients and their characteristics. We can also help you to start off fabrication on the right foot using a reliable and reproducible process that’s compatible with your existing production equipment.

Manufacturing process consulting

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution will travel to your location in order to develop or fabricate your products at your facility using your materials. This approach allows for enhanced control and transparency during the execution of our mandate, which is carried out in the strictest confidence. We can assist you with all stages of the product development process, right through to its industrial production.

Production support

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution can help you to meet intermittent needs for production employees and key operational or management personnel. You’ll never fall back on production again thanks to our professional staffing solutions.

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution can also assign you a team to perform equipment cleaning, thereby allowing you to delegate your employees to other tasks.


S.O.S. Pharma-Solution can help you to produce and manage all of the documentation required in the scope of the pharmaceutical industry. We’ll assist you with the elaboration and revision of production records, operational procedures, event reports and various other documents.


S.O.S. Pharma-Solution can train your employees to perform a wide range of tasks, including formulation, process development and the operation of various production equipment.