Dominique MaréchalDominique Maréchal
entered the pharmaceutical industry 36 years ago upon joining a French company specialized in generics. He would later work on galenic formulations and R&D specialized in compression, dragification and coating while specializing in prolonged- release pellets. His expertise in fluidized bed techniques contributed to the development of multiple patents.

Josée FrancoeurJosée

launched her professional career in the detergent industry. She subsequently gravitated towards the pharmaceutical sector where she began as an R&D formulator. Her responsibilities eventually shifted towards production problem-solving, performing upgrades on developed products and overseeing pharmaceutical process transfers both internally and at customer facilities. Josée has developed, evaluated and validated various manufacturing processes and actively participated in the elaboration of operational procedures and production batch records. She has 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Diego Francisco GonzalezDiego Francisco Gonzalez
began his career as an analyst in the food chemistry and biotechnology industry. In 2002, his professional path turned towards pharmaceutical fabrication and later led to a position as an operator specialized in R&D and upgrades in which he would produce pilot and commercial batches using various equipment, including fluidized beds, perforated coating turbines, blenders, tablet presses, capsule fillers, etc. He has actively participated in various equipment validation and qualification projects.

Expertise that’s recognized in the pharmaceutical sector

The professionals at S.O.S. Pharma-Solution have extensive training and experience in multiple scientific disciplines in addition to pertinent industrial experience acquired in many different manufacturing and pharmaceutical settings.

This broad knowhow allows our team members to take on complex R&D and technology transfer projects as well as the challenges involved in the production of clinical, pilot and commercial batches.

Our expertise in pharmaceutical fabrication technologies covers all types of solid dosage forms and controlled-release systems.

We are committed to supporting your business in order to help you turn your vision and objectives into reality. We can help you to streamline organizational changes, and remotivate and energize your personnel while aligning your workforce towards the same goals being pursued by your company.

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution’s strength lies in our team that’s composed of experienced professionals who are keenly focussed on service and mastering every aspect of their activity sector. We remain closely tuned to the latest developments in our industry in order to be able to present optimized solutions that will fully meet the needs of our demanding clientele.


Closely-Held Values

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution's values are rooted in the expectations of modern society. It’s philosophy is to "listen to, understand and exchange with avant-garde companies and place our expertise and technological knowhow at their service in order to provide innovative solutions while meeting their needs quickly and efficiently".

J'ai fait un petit ajustement. C'est parfait comme ça!

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution’s activities target the development of high quality processes that are in line with the host company’s objectives and actual market needs.

S.O.S. Pharma-Solution also offers emergency technical support to help you carry out projects and meet deadlines with the utmost confidence. Our team is widely known for its marked ability to successfully take on even the most difficult challenges.

With S.O.S. Pharma-Solution, there’s no need to worry about hiring permanent employees for specific projects or to meet shifting personnel needs. We take care of these tasks for you, quickly, professionally and discreetly.

We offer support in multiple forms, including consulting services for the development of formulas or processes, technical assistance, staffing, equipment cleaning, the elaboration of operating procedures and production records, and more.

For more information on S.O.S. Pharma-Solution or if you have a special project that you would like to discuss, we invite you to contact us promptly!

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